Woke sports equals broke sports

That phrase isn’t my creation. It seems everyone is saying it. Thanks to the woke movement, professional sports took a serious hit to their revenue. Add to that the devastating effects that COVID had on the industry, which relies on groups gathering to watch sports, and you have a near-total collapse of professional sporting as we know it. And baseball is right in there among them.

Here are a few articles touching upon the catastrophic effects wokeness has had on the sporting industry:

Inside Pack Sports: “Get Woke. Go Broke.”

Breitbart: “Go Woke. Go Broke.”

News Break: ESPN Goes Woke, Now They Are Broke

9GAGA: Go woke, get broke.

For most sports fans, the role of the game is to provide an escape from the otherwise stressful world of work, politics, and more. The last thing fans want to experience while watching a good game is to have politics and social agendas shoved down their throats.

It began with the flag-kneeling controversy and quickly escalated with BLM. Soon thereafter people were screaming to have organizations change their names.

The Cleveland Indians changed their name, will the Kansas City Chiefs follow? Who knows, just as Harley Davidson moved away from Kansas City, so perhaps should the Chiefs if the climate gets to be too woke to keep from going broke.

2020 was an awful year for professional baseball. My prediction is 2021 isn’t going to be any better. The only advantage we have as we head into 2021 is that we know how to deal with a SHTF sports year when we see one because we experienced it in 2020.

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