Who are the oldest living MLB players today?

People are living longer and longer. In our day, it is very reasonable for people to expect to live to age 90 or beyond. Just last week, we learned that MLB legend Willie Mays turned 90 years old, and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down!

After reading the Willie Mays article, I began to wonder, “Who are some other really old MLB players that are still alive?”

Thankfully, this research has already been done for us by the wonderful Wikipedia editors. Here is what I discovered regarding the oldest living MLB players. The list starts with the oldest living MLB veteran and ends at Willie Mays. It’s pretty astounding how many nonagenarians there are!

List of the oldest MLB players

Eddie Robinson: Age 100

George Elder: Age 100

Eddie Basinki: Age 98

Tim Thompson: Age 97

Art Schallock: Age 97

Bill Greason: Age 96

Larry Miggins: Age 95

Paul Hinrichs: Age 95

Bobby Shantz: Age 95

Chris Haughey: Age 95

Frank Saucier: Age 94

Bobby Morgan: Age 94

Johnny Groth: Age 94

Ed Mickelson: Age 94

Carl Erskine: Age 94

Jim Willis: Age 94

Charlie Maxwell: Age 94

Billy Gardner: Age 93

Cloyd Boyer: Age 93

Dave Hillman: Age 93

Bill Harrington: Age 93

Bob Kelly: Age 93

Tommy Brown: Age 93

Bob Oldis: Age 93

Charlie Gorin: Age 93

Felipe Montemayor: Age 93

Roy Face: Age 93

Billy Hunter: Age 92

John Glenn: Age 92

Vito Valentinetti: Age 92

Fred Marolewski: Age 92

Gail Henley: Age 92

MIckey Micelotta: Age 92

Bob Ross: Age 92

Bill Wilson: Age 92

Moe Savransky: Age 92

Gale Wade: Age 92

Bobby Kline: Age 92

Al Worthington: Age 92

Art Ditmar: Age 92

Mel Held: Age 92

Ed Winceniak: Age 92

Curt Simmons: Age 91

Hank Foiles: Age 91

Frank Thomas: Age 91

Don Ferrarese: Age 91

Hector Lopez: Age 91

Jerry Snyder: Age 91

Joe Pignato: Age 91

Ike Delock: Age 91

Nino Escalera: Age 91

Carl Linhart: Age 91

Ray Herbert: Age 91

Joe Margoneri: Age 91

Pete Daley: Age 91

Roger Craig: Age 91

Vern Law: Age 91

Hobie Landrith: Age 91

Bob Lillis: Age 90

Memo Luna: Age 90

Pete Burnside: Age 90

Roman Mejias: Age 90

Bob Speake: Age 90

Bob Harrison: Age 90

Dick Hall: Age 90

Solly Drake: Age 90

Dick Goat: Age 90

Joe Morgan: Age 90

Johnny O’Brien: Age 90

Mike Braxes: Age 90

Dick Tomanek: Age 90

Ray Semproch: Age 90

Maurice Fisher: Age 90

Willie Mays: Age 90

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