We can help you custom create your team. Or if your team already exists, we can assist with re-banding to revamp your image.


Get your team out there, with our help. We’ll will help your team to get participated in the minor baseball league matches

Match Plans

To be successful in the baseball league we provide match plans to our client teams and various benefits

More About Us

We makes it possible for small investors to own a piece of a professional minor league baseball team. Various investment levels equate to varying benefits (such as free season tickets, merchandise, certificate of ownership, access to players, road trips, etc).We also acts as a broker to negotiate ownership stakes in teams if you want to buy your own share or act with a group of close friends/associates.

Our Team


Meet Johnson,our customers affectionately call him, John he founded and leads our Baseball Ventures company. After attending Northwestern for league ventures, he went on to complete a number of internships in league team matches.


Cameron Frahn

Cameron is our Consumer Relationship officer deals with the clients for the owner of the best team in the various level of  investment. With multiple degrees and certifications in baseball training,league matches, trophies and more there really isn’t anything he can’t do in the baseball matches.

TM3 1

Maxwell Smith

Maxwell has connections in every baseball league team. If you need a statistics of any team in our leagues you can contact him. Never without his phone, maxwell can help any clients (he’s the one who knows someone who knows someone). He’s managed records and statistics for lots of  baseball teams, why not be one of them?

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